The Unshaken Devotees

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We arrived at the Blue Mosque at an opportune time on a sunny morning of Feb. 20, 2016. As what we had promised, we shall return!

The unflappable Hafiz teacher, Ustadz Elias, even in the most chaotic circumstances never gave up easily the task entrusted to him by the All-Preserver.

Despite insurmountable difficulties, his young students have been and still are steadfast in memorizing the Qur’an, which is the cornerstone of their passion.

After we had partaken of a yummy pastil (empanada/veggie pie) and sipped a cup of kahawa (coffee) at the Blue Mosque Office (thanks to sisters Nur and Weng), I took out the info sheets I prepared for the documentation of the aspiring Huffaz. To start with our objective, we decided to divide the students into five groups and each of us handled/assisted at least eight to nine students.

Each group encircled and sat together in one corner of the mosque. I handled a circle of boys ranging the age of late teens to early twenties and gladly interviewed eight students that came from different tribes. The activity delighted us. We had undertaken a written, oral and photographic documentation that served as our official record and reference for assistance or further projects. We were grateful to spend a wonderful time with these young and strong-willed Qur’an memorizers.

All of them have the same requests: a conducive room for studying, a well-maintained restroom, a small and clean area for cooking, enough food to eat during meal or break time, electric fans, and good mats/beds for sleeping.

They have a small cabinet full of references that stood in one corner. However, the books were not arranged in a neat and effective way. Maybe they need a small cabinet with a well arranged materials/books for references or a small library be built for them.

The students usually sit down on a cold cement floor during their reading activity. But during rainy days, the drops of water (awaited by small buckets) that poured down from a leaky ceiling seemed a cheerful tune to their ears! I think their space needs extensive renovation.

Despite their present dilemma, I don’t know how these students have been able to focus and survived in their studies. The worldly life may seem less important to them but if we could give help or assistance (short or long terms) to these devoted students, for Love’s sake, we would be giving them more inspiration to continue their glorious endeavor with tremendous fervour.

All the generous hearts are welcome to donate or help them. They can get in touch with UnitedMothers (Nurturing Humanity) Philippines for further assistance or they can go straight to the Blue Mosque in Taguig City.

The second encounter with the aspiring Huffaz still amazed us. Although some of them wanted to engage in a specified profession (e.g. doctors, engineers, businessmen, etc.), these young boys were resolute in their dreams to become Huffaz (Preservers of the Qur’an) in the coming time despite deprivation. – JoyWadi

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