Madness: A Lover’s Station (2)


Now she flipped through her book and told me to read the verse she pointed out. But I could not understand. It was written in Turkish. Then she looked at the message (written in English) at the back cover and read every word correctly! She even gave the synonyms of other words. This shocked me!

“What does it mean?” Though it was a clear and comprehensible English, I asked her to explain the paragraph she read.

“No. I have no right to explain it.” She refused.

As she faced towards her right side, she murmured again. From her chest, she took out some stuff: a small pocket-sized Bible with a rosary inserted on it and took out two pocketbooks from her shoulder bag.

“Do you have a cigarette?” she demanded.

“No. I think no one is allowed to smoke here.” I replied.

Then she dug in her bag for a lipstick and applied it to her lips and murmured.

Now she smiled and gave a piece of admonition.

“You need to remove the hatred here,” as she pointed her index finger to her left chest.

“Why?” I asked and pretended innocence.

“Because if you won’t, there will be no wilderness.” She answered.

Her answer was somewhat self-explanatory.

“Love must remain. And yes I love you all.” She seemed to preach to a large crowd. Now she laid her back and murmured.

How could she blow away the cobwebs with her unexpected phrases? I was dumbfounded by her words.

Few minutes passed, she went into a rant about her condition. She was out of control. She began to look annoyed and angry. Suddenly she raised her voice as if she had an argument with someone. She talked fast, non-stop.

I was scared! I stood up and decided to leave her for a while.

I was glad to meet my hubby on the hallway after his lecture. As we wended our way to eat our dinner, I saw Marissa walked opposite our way. I swiveled and peered in her direction. She bent and wore her rubber shoes near the entrance door, walked away and sat by the stairway near the gate. She bowed her head, hugged her bag and murmured as if on a fight.

“Go home now.” A young boy approached her.

“Yes, I will go out!” she stood up, became hysterical and hurriedly made her departure.

On my way home, this question ran around my head: How can I return the favor granted to me by a drunkard who had quenched my wine sickness with a drop of her crapulence? JoyWadi

© Copyright JoyWadi


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