New Year, New Self

Rainy days seemed to stay; it never said goodbye.

The atmospheric condition of the world we live in showed signs of loneliness like a lover weeping for her lost beloved.

Akin to a rainy weather, our hearts continued to bleed. We continued to rain tears of sadness as we sought for justice; grieved for our fellowmen; and fought for our rights, peace and freedom.

Here is a touch of reality to reflect on from our President as he called for peace in the Islamic New Year:

I pray with you that we may all find the peace that we seek in ourselves, in our country and in all of humanity.”

Perhaps the huge and the minute stories; the new and the repetitious issues; the outrageous and the melancholic occurences in our country had put us in a quandary and kept us unaware of the real peace, our basic rights and genuine freedom.

We cannot find peace and embrace freedom if we continue to stay free-dumb.

We wept in silence; we fought through the hubbub as we are carried away by our never-ending grievances. We battled non-stop for our frustrations, lamentations and voices that have been heard but ignored.

When are we going to wind this up?

How sad that we cannot even enjoy the sweet melody of raindrops falling on our heads as our brains are being disturbed by the rumblings in the world we live in.

We all have the right to seek for peace and fight for freedom. No one can stop us to echo our rights and sentiments. We are free to protest for whatever kind of injustice we face.

On the contrary, we can never acquire everything we desired unless we seek first for the genuine peace within ourselves and passionately dive into the deepest recesses of our hearts.

Thus, we need time to reflect and put ourselves through some interrogations:

Did we really evolve with the right disposition and blossom like fragrant flowers?

Did we truly endeavour to educate ourselves with the right education and discover a significant knowledge that could refresh our essential nature?

Did the sincerities in our hearts push us to strengthen our spiritual conviction?

When we wept for everything we desired, did it change our hearts and renew our broken selves?

Lastly, after a long travel from the vileness of our shallow, chaotic, and blinded selves, are we ready to journey to a new dimension of our true being?

We expressed our admiration on the journey of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) from Medina to Mecca which marked the Hijra Calendar.

On this new year (Amun Jadid), are we eager to breathe the air of serenity and dance with the breeze of liberty (that we seriously fight for)?

© Copyright 2017 JoyWadi


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