Lover’s Spirit

1. 1pangalay.png

Oh, Lover’s Spirit
Bring me to the
Seashore of Truth
Let me dance tirelessly
In the Sand of Mercy
Come quickly and let the
Sky of Freedom stir me with
Sacred Passion
Teach me how to sway
Gracefully In the Air of Longing

Oh, Lover’s Spirit
Make me spin and find joy
In the Breeze of Hope
Help me endure the Sun
Of Tyranny till it sets
Give me the power to embrace
The Wind of Faith tenderly
And guide my feet to glide
Towards the Ocean of Love

Oh, Lover’s Spirit
Don’t let my heart be taken
Out of the Water of Unity
Let my whole being dance
Endlessly with sincerity
Give me the strength
To dance fearlessly

Oh, Lover’s Spirit
Take the Net of Separation
Away from my path
In no way allow the Shadow of
Darkness to cloud my heart
Forbid the ego to imprison me
Inside the Hole of Heedlessness

Oh, Lover’s Spirit
Let me dance gloriously
Let my endless thirst be quenched
By Your Perfect Rhythm
For every time You dance with me
Wherever I am, whatever I do,
Ah! I attain Infinite Joy

© Copyright 2014 JoyWadi 042219


  1. Hi JoytotheWorld! I’d like to personally thank you for following my blog just now! Thank you for the support, I definitely appreciate it. Best wishes for you blog and have a great 2018!

    xx, Shreya

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  2. ooops = hadn’t finished my comment 😦 You are talented and heart centred and write beautiful poetry. Thank you for your follow of my blog. Wishing you and your family a blessed 2018

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  3. Lovely poem that lifts your spirits instantly! 🤩Beautiful picture too!!
    Thank you for sharing.
    I’m glad you liked my blog and thanks for the follow and the numerous likes!

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