Fleeting Shadow


Like a vehicle after filling gas at the gasoline station, we left hurriedly after consuming our meals.

Yesterday was a “hurry-fying” day for us (unitedmoms) though we enjoyed the salad bar bonding at Wendy’s.

We left at ten thirty in the morning from U.P campus and wended our way to North Edsa. Afer an hour of “chewing and gulping” we left the eating-place at eleven thirty. So, we spent only an hour to “eat and run”!

Taking a moment of reflection, what shall we do if we have only an hour to live?

Nothing. It’s too short. Not now! Not enough time. It’s hard. I don’t know. Surrender. Donate my wealth to charity. Write a love letter. Take a warm bath. Cook for love ones. Drink a cup of tea. Hug my cat. Breathe fresh air. Draft my story. Visit an orphanage. Read a book. Eat a favorite cake. Cry a river. Write a song. Read a verse. Walk my dog. Take pictures. Toss a drink. Pick a flower. Text anyone. Thank the Creator. Finish an assignment. Kiss mom. Keep smiling. Laugh out loud. Dance for few minutes. Smile. Brisk walk. Write a note. Plunge into the pool. Share a cellphone load. Thank my teachers. Stay silent. Blog! Watch a video. Stroll in school. Play ukelele. Drink my favorite coffee. Write a friend. Hug my family. Spread perfume. Donate my clothes. Look up to the sky. Pray. Take a shower. Kiss my darling. Take a joy ride. Watch television. Drink yogurt. Play the piano. Yoga. Visit a neighbor. Pray for everyone. Clean the restroom. Call a friend. Take a deep breath. Take a shower. Request a prayer. Bake a cake. Drink a glass of water. Instagram. Pose for a pic. Pay my credit cards. Check emails. Hug my cat. Contemplate. Play the violin. Youtube. Write my will and testament. Post a blog. Eat an ice cream. Water the plants. Cry silently. Say I love you to anyone. Submit. Buy a phone load. Donate all my properties. Instagram. Clean the house. Recite a poem. Paint an image. Be thankful. Post a photo. Jump. Feed someone. Work-out. Pay all the bills. Bake! Recite a poem. Talk to friends. Facebook. Sing a love song. Eat a bowl of fruits. Tweeter. Visit friends. Call an enemy. Be with my family. Play the guitar. Ask forgiveness. Go to sleep. Celebrate. Take a nap. Joy ride. Bargain. Sit back and relax. Thank God.

How about you? What would you do if you have only an hour to live?

© Copyright JoyWadi


  1. thats a full day 😉

    Like my fellow Hoosier, the late great coach and philosopher, used to say, “Be quick but not in a hurry”.

    We should all have life purpose and daily plan yet make margin for reflection and serendipitous encounters.

    All that is best orbiting our own unique yet common Circle of Life.https://ponderinglife.blog/2019/07/01/circle-of-life-2/

    Finally, all we can do is all we can do but ALL we can do is enough, Lord willing. Shalom.


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