Oh, lovers of Love!

if the road seems rough,


God’s Path is veiled by difficulties

sometimes a smooth road

is dangerous

it makes one lethargic

if the rain doesn’t stop,


God’s Mercy emerges in everything

sometimes one needs to

be positive

it makes one hopeful

if the sun doesn’t shine,


God’s Light shines even in darkness

brightness makes one blind

it rivets one’s attention

if the tasks seem endless,


God’s Strength sustains the world

sometimes more undertakings help

it continues life 

If adversity shows its face,


God’s Power comes without delay

sometimes blessings surface

in misfortune

it cleanses the ego 

if there is no one to run to,


God’s Love never fades away

He removes distraction

He wants His lovers to

depend on Him

© Copyright 2001 Joy Wadi


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