Oh, seekers of Love!

as a child, don’t feel puzzled
as a sister, don’t feel obliged
as a woman, don’t feel oppressed
as a man, don’t feel condemned
as a relative, don’t feel abused
as a wife, don’t feel bothered
as a mother, don’t feel worried
as a housewife, don’t feel isolated
as a servant, don’t feel imprisoned
as a traveller, don’t feel rejected
as a worker, don’t feel tasked
as a teacher, don’t feel disturbed
as a creature, don’t feel deprived
as a friend, don’t feel used
as a writer, don’t feel blocked
as a neighbour, don’t feel neglected
as a seeker, don’t feel denied
as a slave, don’t feel tortured
as a human being,
feel blessed!

© Copyright 2008 JoyWadi 070822

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