juxtapose by virtuous intentions
two mortals swiftly entwine by Love
lovers curtail no ifs or ands or buts

unbelievable and enthralling affair
two believers joyously unlock a mystery 
once in a Love’s Threshold lovers can’t flee

 lovers of Truth faithfully unite together
two bodies forbid soul dualism
love always unveil concealments

keen ardour subdues huge trepidation
two apart beings affectionate though afar 
but Love conflates distance until now

in the depth of total exuberance
two spirits true happiness they attain
the stiff and the limp indeed Love enlivens

prisoners of Love surmount imperious egos
two ardent souls seek for freedom naught but real lovers genially succumb

Love quenches the lover’s endless thirsts
two hearts revel in love and grace
fervent Lovers endure callousness

in the name of the Infinite Light two shadows sparkle in dark and silent


naught exists but

Oneness of Being!

© Copyright 2001 Joy Wadi

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