Green bug. Mother’s garden

Callings. Callings!

We all have our own callings.

All of us have been called to serve in a very unique way. We cannot move on unless we act upon to our callings because our callings are impossible to revoke. 

Sometimes we are being called to minister other people’s needs; to inspire; to be a sincere public servant; to organize a community; to take care of the orphan and the aged; to be the bridge of the hopeless; to save the wicked from darkness; to lighten the loads of the depressed;

to be an instrument of love and unity

But there are times the callings that keep on whispering in the very recesses of our hearts doesn’t accord with the shallow things our minds wish for. 

The best thing to do is to learn how to listen to our hearts, for our hearts never lie.

What is the greatest calling of your life?

Whatever it is, embrace it with vigor and enthusiasm, sincerity, joy and thankfulness. When we are called, we must listen. When we listen, we trust this calling. When we trust, we are blessed with one thing:

Friendship with the Caller

Whatever callings that are destined for us, they are simply callings that should not be ignored, for they are callings from the Great Caller Himself.

He never calls us to destroy us; He never calls us without teaching or guiding us on the way. He calls us because He wants to be known.

Hence, our true calllings are nothing but to know our Caller and build a strong and beautiful relationship with Him.

Goodluck with your calling!

©Copyright 2019 joywadi


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