Wooden Heart

One day in Assisi

into oblivion the ephemeral
world confines our bodies
it is a robber of reality
an atrocious pit of grief

powerless are loved ones
they cannot bestow us heaven
they are but memories
that truly pollute the brain

no satisfaction in every wealth
to us being bequeathed
it is a dark smoke that can
cloud the shining spirit

possible not by eminence
our soul can be enlightened
ponder over its fleeting shadow
that veils the true Being

what a victor the tyrant ego
triumphing over the heart
it is a dangerous enemy and
a slaughterer of Love

oh, wooden heart wake up
it’s time to sleep no more
wander not and awaken
your slumbering dark soul

into the Beloved’s Kingdom
step in without hesitation
it is an everlasting abode
every lover’s breath it prolongs

© Copyright 2008 JoyWadi 081519

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