Beloved’s Stroke

One day in Asissi

“Joy, your passport is missing.”  These were the words I heard in disbelief from Robert, my co-delegate in an event for an inter-religious dialogue.

I was waiting for the approval of my visa (group transaction care of Robert) to be issued by the Italian Embassy. But something I never expected happened.

Now what was my reaction when I heard Robert’s message over the phone? Did I get mad? Have I felt sorry for myself? Was there some suspicions in my mind? Was there someone making a joke on me? I was puzzled. I wondered why.

To make things shorter, although it got me tongue-tied a bit, all I can reply to him was: 

“What? How did it happen?” 

I bet, one would be lying if he would not react even the slight of it when one was in my shoe. We may be the coolest person on earth but sometimes our lower ego are being put to test by the Patience One how far we could go with our so-called patience.

“Anyway, I will call you back later.” Robert immediately hung down the phone.

It was a Tuesday morning when he called me up, just a few hours before going to the airport for an evening flight (eleven o’clock) to Rome via Dubai. But since then, I have prayed before (after receiving the invitation to the Interfaith Conference) that if travelling to Rome will be good for me, then let it be. The Great Planner knows what will be next. 

After receiving a call from Robert, I told myself that if Robert could not call me back then up to three o’clock in the afternoon (because I will be going to the airport at three o’clock in the afternoon) to update me about my passport then I might as well unpack my things and accept the whole thing that travelling to such place will not do good for me. 

Then I texted him back: “Please let me know if my passport is in your hands already. 

Or else I will unpack my things, because God doesn’t want me to leave!

I murmured.

Now it’s already two hours before leaving home. But there was no text message yet. No call from Robert. I was still busy scribbling (little voices!) at my laptop and still trying to switch to a chilling and writing mode! Yes, I tried hard but still, I had an uneasy feeling! 

Few minutes passed. 

“Joy, we found your passport,” Now these were the happy words from Robert when he called as soon as he got it (‘twas a long story anyway). I was releived. Lol!

Then we travelled a long journey in the month of April and all praise be to God for we had safely reached our destination.

Aside from two female Focolarina friends (Chuchie and Gigi) Robert was one of the Philippine delegates whom I have travelled together to Rome four years ago. It was an Interfaith Conference organized by the Focolare Movement in the beautiful place of Castel Gandolfo that were attended by beautiful participants from different corners of the world, different races, colors and creeds.

After travelling fourteen hours in an Emirates airline, I would say it was such a beautiful trip I have ever experienced during my birthmonth. The four-day inter-religious conference and a six- day side trips to beautiful and amazing tourists destinations in Italy were something I could never forget. I met many beautiful and good-hearted people. It strengthened my faith indeed.

I had visited Ciara’s beautiful place. I went to the Coloseum twice by car and by train. It was quite peaceful strolling in Coloseum at night and joyful during the day. I was amazed by the architectural designs of many churches I visited in Loppiano, Assisi, Florence, and many more. I met Artist Ciro (Roberto Cippolone) in his workshop in Loppiano and amazed by his beautiful art works.

Yes, I had threw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, lol!. I will never forget the many times I have eaten gellato when we strolled around. I enjoyed great Italian food in restaurants and in the conference too. It was indeed a memorable and a good travel of the year that I would treasure. I thanked God, He made it possible for me. 


There are days we find ourselves confused or troubled with small things that distract us from our way. We never realized the perfect reason on why there are terrible things and shocking events we met unexpectedly let alone unprepared. 

Correct. We are humans. We are imperfect. We flare up. We are error-prone. We commit mistakes easily no matter how good enough or invulnerable we thought we are. But we could be more than humans. We could be more peaceful by looking beyond the horizon with the eye of our hearts not with our own naked eyes. When this special eye sees beyond, it never sees multiplicity and be shakened. It never lies and never fears. It cuddles hope. It sees goodness. It embraces oneness. 

The Most Merciful loves to stroke us not only with shallow but also with huge things in order to test our patience; to make us stronger; to fire our enthusiasm of calling Him all the time. We are being tested again and again in order to polish the remaining dust that accumulates in our pure hearts.

All chaos are means of awakening us from a deep sleep or sometimes we are being put to sleep if we are too much awakened by the non-essential matters that could perhaps lead us into oblivion.

© Copyright 2018 JoyWadi 








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