The Words of Thanks

“Thank you,” is perhaps the sweetest phrase that would probably melt a giver’s heart in joy, albeit, when we give anything we do not expect something in return not even any word of recognition or appreciation. But these magical words are oftentimes forgotten, rejected or totally disregarded.

God says, “ When you are thankful, I will increase you,” though He is not expecting anything from us for His own sake but for our own good instead.

Now, how do we sincerely express our thankfulness to the One who gives us everything out of mercy? How do we acknowledge the One who deserves our gratitude?

In spite of the many events happened to Rabia Al-Adawwiya, a muslim woman saint, her prayer would melt us in shame:

O Lord, I am a stranger without a mother and father, an orphan and a slave and I have fallen into bondage and my wrist is injured, (yet) I am not grieved by this, only (I desire) to satisfy Thee. I would fain know if Thou art satisfied with me or not.” She heard a voice saying, “Be not sorrowful, for on the day of resurrection thy rank shall be such that those who are nearest to God in Heaven shall envy thee.”

We do not only show gratitude to the Merciful because we are doing fine. If we appreciate only the good things in life, then we are nothing but ungrateful lovers!

There are times we are blinded by both of the good things and the bad things that surround us. How shallow the things that could certainly take us out of the way and decrease our gratitude let alone our spiritual insights. But to remain thankful and alert is one way not to be lost in the dark with things that darken our sights.

The blissful thing is to look beyond at the bigger picture as we accept and embrace blessings disguised in misfortune, poverty, adversity, hardship and the like.

Every misfortune and fortune we embrace must increase our callings for His Name and thankfulness for everything that comes from Him. He is the ultimate source of everything happening to us and around us while we are given free will. But to use this freewill that doesn’t accord with His Will, then the bad comes from us, not from Him.

Let us express our thankfulness in whatever situation we are in or whatever circumstances that comes our way, for it is a best gift we acquire for our own well-being and a powerful seed for our spiritual growth.

Remember, God loves you more than you will ever know!

Copyright 2021 JoyWadi 101522


  1. Thank you very much for this post. I love it.
    Thank you is a very powerful phrase that conveys far more than most realize.
    Thanking the Lord daily and aligning our will with his is the biggest blessing off all.
    I am thankful for your writings, and together, along with others, we will plant seeds of love, faith and hope.


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