“Donut” Eat!

Fortuitous encounters were indeed great morsels of insights that spiritually fed our thoughts with refreshment on a month of abstinence.

The group needs to meet!

Sis Pam and I arrived early and decided to “invade” Mercado grocery store in U.P Town Center while waiting for the moms to arrive for our Iftar bonding on a Wednesday in the month of Ramadan.

We almost reached the entrance gate when we gladly saw sis Nilda approached us with a present. “Joy, here’s a box of donut from all of us. Sorry it’s late and it’s not a cake, maybe next time.”

We made a group tradition to chip in to buy a birthday cake for the celebrant/s of the month.

Now we strolled around the grocery store and bought some goodies for at least half an hour. The Iftar (break) time was almost approaching and our empty bellies panted us for some refreshment.

We entered this food empire that served Greek foods, occupied a six-seater table and ordered victuals to break our fasts: warm water, tomato pasta, shrimp/fish chowder, pita bread, hummus, yogurt and lemonade.

The sound of our conversation and laughter was never missing while waiting for our orders. But it did not take long for the waiters to serve them on our dining table.

A few minutes later sister Hannah came in but forgot the dates she had promised earlier. When we were beset with forgetfulness, I think we were also beset with heedfulness as we learned our lessons. The dates forgotten by sis Hannah in the tricycle were considered as charity.

We continued chatting as we slowly chewed our food. Peachy talked about her Qur’an readings. She was so happy to read chapter 18, The Cave. And we all butted in and shared our own stories.

After swallowing the last bite of our foods, our breadbaskets were satisfied and nourished! Praise be to the All-Provider. We enjoyed the date. We then bade goodbye to one another and went separate ways.

I reached Hardin ng Rosas residence around past eight o’clock in the evening and left for the house in Antipolo City. As we arrived home, something stopped me as I unpacked my grocery items. I missed something – my box of donuts!

Again, another forgetfulness, another sign of aging! Lol!

Two days later, I, together with my husband went back to Hardin for some appointment. We arrived around ten o’clock on Friday morning.

While my hubby parked his car, I ran hurriedly upstairs. I was glad to find the box of donuts near the door behind me. So, I picked it up and opened it with haste.

Surely, the cockroaches, lizards, or ants already celebrated on a great feast!

But what a complete surprise as I opened the box! What I saw shocked me. There was a crowd of small red ants that had a sort of ceremonial procession along the four sides of the box, away from the donuts!

Reflecting for a moment, the queen ant started reproaching, so to speak, a stupid mammal like me:

“You pea-brain! Are you not ashamed of what you thought about us? Today is fasting, as you can see we gathered together to thank the All-Provider for His Generosity. We are supposed to enjoy this scrummy treat but through His Patience, we waited for you and abstained from eating these sweets! How could you even think of a big feast, huh? Go and cleanse your heart!”

I felt a pang of shame at my suspicion! Believe it or not, I never saw a single ant partake of that food! I don’t know if there was some ingredient in the donut that would drive insects away or perhaps these minute creatures observed abstinence, too!

But the affair didn’t sink in yet. With the Owner’s permission and guidance, I read at least a page or more of His Holy Qur’an after my daily prayers. At this moment, I asked for a good message. Unaware of what passage I would come across, I opened the Holy Book.

How strange as I encountered this part:

The Cave.

So, I read and studied the whole chapter.

© Copyright 2017 JoyWadi 112717

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