Cutting mom’s toe nails

A touch of love unveils
me in a moment;
blissfully treasures me
beyond any doubt
Indeed a warm embrace
showers me joy
A helping hand truly
ends my weariness;
“I love you” joyfully
croons my heart

When God breathes my
spirit with fragrance
My angelic wings spread
guidance on earth
Fashions as the world’s
great human being
My soul is filled with
immense love and
My heart with
genuine compassion

I am a denizen of earth
who gives your life
Without me you remain
a wandering cell,
a trifling matter without
identity or ascension
I am a loving creator
you must be grateful
and a divine stroke of
luck you must cherish

Your emergence is a battle
I hardly win
An endowment you must
deeply appreciate
My hardship of bearing you
don’t you ignore
My agony of giving you birth
you cannot recompense

I deserve kindness;
I must gain love and respect
I am a silent builder who
contours your soul 
A suit of armour that
protects you from danger

Aching spine, broken meals
and sleepless nights
are torments I endure in
the midst of a great war
I struggle like a warrior
if you are in trouble

Abhorrence towards me
locks your heaven’s gate
My dear, condemn me not
for my shortcomings
Breaking my heart hides
your fortune’s face

Oh my lovely child, love me unconditionally
Your paradise lies under
my blessed feet!

© Copyright 2010 JoyWadi 100722


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