Women: An Epitome of Love

women of love and compassion,
to be rated as women of excellence in
the eyes of our Creator is to undertake
an extremely remarkable endeavours:

face and accept every obstacle that
comes our way despite
our weaknesses;

carry the loads or lessen the pain
of the miserable ones despite
our heavy burdens;

continue to love despite the hatred
and judgemental treatment
we encounter;

and perhaps remain His faithful
lovers despite embarking on a
perilous journey.

© Copyright 2023 JoyWadi 041923
Thank you to our sponsor, sis Riza


  1. Just beautiful and so true. I love the sisterhood that I came to know when I married in Jordan. Women together are such a strong force of healing and compassion. My father-in-law taught me a hadith, “The Prophet Muhammad, pbuh), said, “heaven lies beneath the feet of your mother.”
    Life comes through us and falls to us to nurture and keep it safe.

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