Close at Hand

Reading, educating oneself, and putting into practice what is upon the Sacred Scripture of the Beloved God is the best gift one may ever receive, for everything can be found in His Holy Book: history, science, healing, mercy, love, reminders, forgiveness, advices, admonitions, promises, etc.

This Book is a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom to one who is keen to know its Author and listen to His Sweet Voice that could provide insights. But it can also deprive him of rewards and glory if he is heedless. “And verily We have displayed for mankind in this Qur´an all manner of similitudes, but man is more than anything contentious,” says the Holy Qur’an.

To get acquainted with the Beloved’s Words is akin to drinking a daily dose of vitamins, for reading even a page of His Sacred Writings everyday day could bring great benefits to one’s soul.

Since the All-Knower understands one’s mode of expression, one can read it in different varieties of language he prefers.

After offering my dawn prayer on the month of Shahban, I came across this Qur’anic verse which filled my heart with joy:

“A gift of welcome from One Forgiving, Merciful; and who is better in speech than him who prayeth unto his Lord and doeth right, and saith: Lo! I am of those who are muslims (surrender unto Him).”

The tears of joy flowed from my eyes, for the Most Merciful reminded me of His Mercy and Forgiveness. As His Presence surrounded me, His Words filled my being with love and inspiration.

We need to cogitate on the real meaning of our existence. If there is no one to talk to or to lean on, we stand in need of an intimate moment with the Beloved. Reading His Book could be an easy way to enjoy a one-on-one sweet talk with Him.

Although He is aware of our conditions, He is always ready to welcome us and listen to our sweet voices as we blurt to Him our worries, problems, sentiments, wishes, repentance, regrets, troubles, joy, fears, etc.

After my night prayer, I stumbled on this verse which made me remorseful as I had raised my voice to stop my small kids from fighting over a toy:

“Be modest in thy bearing and subdue thy voice. Lo! the harshest of all voices is the voice of an ass.”

Oh, what a horrible donkey I was! Tears of self-reproach filled my eyes as shame flooded in my veins.

In the Name of the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful, as we open and flip through His Book it is akin to uncorking a bottle of fragrance, for His Words could perfume our hearts and silence our wandering minds.

We utter words of thanks as we are reminded of His Mercy and Compassion; we praise His Name as His Promise is revealed; we seek Refuge in Him as we are warned by His Wrath and punishment.

We seek His Guidance as He reminded us of our real friends and enemies and show great appreciation as we are awakened by His Blessings. We declare His Oneness and glorify His Name as His Attributes are mentioned.

We offer gratitude and express joy as His Forgiveness is declared; and we honor and acknowledge His Existence as He gave us the power to read His Holy Book!

Reading the Holy Qur’an is akin to having an intimate conversation with the Beloved, for it enlivens the heart and nourishes the spirit.

It is a moment of closeness sought by true lovers and an undisturbed tranquility enjoyed by strong believers.

It is a time for healing the wounded hearts; a good energizer of the weak and the hopeless; a blood purifier of the wicked repenters; and perhaps, it is the only perfect refresher for the thirsty spirits!

© Copyright 2017 JoyWadi 092717

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