Silent Builders

One day in Eden Park

The Beloved God commanded us to have a great veneration not only for Him but also for our parents especially for our mothers: the womb that bore us.

In the early stages of our lives, we were nurtured, nourished, and protected inside this womb, which gave us a glimpse of His Qualities and Attributes.

Since mothers reflect the Beloved’s Nature for creating life, we cannot ignore the special connection between Him and a loving mother.

How could it be so hard to give our earnest love and best conduct to the one who gave us life? Even in our own little ways, can we not recompense them for the difficult stages they suffered during pregnancy; the heavy burdens they sacrificed in giving birth to us; and the hardship of nurturing they went through for the sake of our arrivals?

Often times we get busy that we forget to take time out to recognize the blessing of having a mother. In reality, to have a high regard to our mothers, we pay respect to the One who made them.

Here’s an inspirational quote to remember: “Paradise lies under the feet of Mothers.” -Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Oh my fellow mothers, when the Almighty One made us mothers of humanity, we became one of His instruments by which He could exercise His creations. He kindled the fire of love into our souls, and into our hearts grace and compassion. He has put abundant good in our hands (though we may not have exemplary behaviours).

The physical, mental and emotional capacities He endowed upon us gave us the strength to nurture our children. That is why there is no deep concern and tender love and care than we can give, for nothing can replace our unconditional love.

As responsible mothers, to take care of our home and look after the welfares of our children and families are our sanctified duties.

These are our spiritual journeys. We are the silent builders of humanity. We are the major keys in raising our children with love, compassion, faith and positive values. We are appointed to lay the foundation of these moral standards in secure footings in order to build its structure firmly.

But where can we find these footings?

These safe and sound footings are nowhere to be found but in us. If we demand our children to walk on the lane of righteousness, and we ourselves walk on the opposite lane, there is no amount of telling them to follow us. We cannot teach them to love if we don’t even know how to love. Unless they are stubborn enough. But God guides whom He will.

Laying such foundation in our selves might not work with others who are attached with worldly affairs and deprived of spiritual sight, for to construct unyielding structures is akin to building the mystical life sincerely.

With the routine of life at home, school, office, and other worldly business, we have relinquished our attachments to the Beloved and left behind the most worthy of attention – to labor on the way of the Truth and be enamored of Love.

Thus, doing the same agenda from daybreak to nightfall veils our hearts.

But neither to completely abandon our careers nor to dislike earning a living are the suitable ways to give importance and attention to our transcendental life, only let not our jobs and our families make us heedless of our loyalty and faithfulness to our Creator who created us for His Sake.

To unveil our hearts, let us awaken our contemplative souls and seek the Beloved within us.

Since there is a special connection between the Beloved God and a loving mother, let us seek knowledge and know who we really are, for the veracity of this prophetic quote is beyond doubt:

He who strives to know his self, by the Grace of God, he will come to know His Lord.”

But only God knows God!

© Copyright 2008 JoyWadi 120618


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