Happy to watch the sunrise

The candor of my pure heart
unraveled the indefinable hidden secret of ignorance and self-realization
When my veiled heart
lost life in vain,
I treaded the less
travelled path: Love
From first to last, it crashed
my heartbreaks
My discernment knocked
As a part, I sought the whole
With a valiant heart I
endured callousness
Ascension, such was the great
reward for my survival;
Single-mindedly my life
in peril turned into a marvel
At times I was clouded
by pessimism 
One Friend or many friends
Certainly realization revealed itself
Then I became a thirsty lover
Like a fish I wiggled to
and fro in water 
I searched for the ocean though
I was submerged on it
I was brought into a thorny
but life-giving rose garden
Indeed I survived my
venture of a long and
winding thoroughfare
Gradually my cloudy mirror was polished
as the seeker in me saw 
the epitome of my nature
Inner peace – an advent
I celebrated
My life in blissfulness
never broke into misery
As the door of Real Friendship unlocked
Love, my eternal passion sparked
Hither and thither, now and again
the Real Intimacy was established
and my spirit whirled in joy 
Now I became the sought
As the fogginess of my
atmosphere arose, my strength vanished while my love remained
Once again
I began to seek not for
the ocean but for a “floppy fish”
A thirsty floundering deep-sea 
lover to die and live in the
Ocean of Love

© Copyright 2001 JoyWadi 060722

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