Dearest God

One day in Calatagan

Dearest God,

I thank You for all the blessings You have showered upon me 
I know You have blessed me from the very start
but sometimes I am blind; I see them not

I may not have all the riches in this world,
But by having You, I own the universe!

I seek
  Your forgiveness, forgive me for my past, present, and future sins, but most of all forgive me 
for my insincerity in asking forgiveness from You but no matter what I’ve done, I still belong to You

 Make me realize that everything comes from You
I may dislike a thing but one thing for sure, You put  abundant good in whatever comes my way

I seek Your guidance in the less travelled path called Love
I am not in control of anything
I am weak, helpless, and impotent
I may not know where life may lead me,
but wherever I go, I am sure You are with me all the way

You Alone can elevate my patience
You may not have granted all my wishes to come true
but for what You have given me, I owe You gratitude

You are love and love comes from You
what makes me blind are the love of things that I sometimes forget You

I may not be worthy of Your love but You make me feel loved because when I love I know I am in Your Heart!

© Copyright 2001 JoyWadi 100722

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