Spread Your Wings

“Number six!”

The saleslady called my number as it popped out at the monitor screen. It was my turn!

One morning, I went to the drugstore to buy some paracetamol syrup for my sick little daughter. As I rushed to the counter to give my card, a woman in her early fifties suddenly popped behind me. While counting her money, she begged me to wait.

“I’m sorry. I need to buy this medicine. My husband needs it badly.” She panicked.

“Okay, no problem. I can wait.” I replied as I gazed curiously at her trembling hands.

“Why what happen?” I took the chance to ask her while the sales lady went to get the medicine she needed.

“My husband’s blood pressure raised. He needs to drink this medicine right now.” She blurted out with a worried frown on her face.

“Okay, I see. When you reach home, let him drink lemongrass tea to maintain his normal blood pressure.” I comforted her.

“But he is in the car.” She flashed a fake smile.

Her reply made me stared at her open-mouthed.

Suddenly the lady beside her suggested, “I think you need to rush him to the hospital.”

As soon as the woman got hold of the medicine she bought, she rushed out hurriedly.

Then the lady behind me continued talking.

“You know what? That happened to my boss. While driving his car, his blood pressure raised. Too good, he managed to drive himself immediately to the nearest hospital.” She said.

What a nice reminder!

Hypertension or high blood pressure is perhaps a traitor and a great nemesis. Like popcorn that swells up and burst open when being heated, high blood pressure strikes suddenly without notice when being triggered.

The risk of developing hypertension is consuming too much sodium or salty food, which could raise the blood pressure or bad cholesterol level in the body tissues; saturated fats, oily or greasy food that could block or tear the arteries; and even sweet food that could increase body weight may also damage the blood vessels.

Therefore, without a balanced diet, excessiveness would lead to heart attack or stroke.

The kind of lifestyle we have certainly affects our health. Nowadays we seem to be in tune with modern technology. We want to “like” everything modern or savory in the market and become its “followers.”

We want to dine out almost everyday and devour anything out of pleasure or swallow food on top of another without break or without thinking over its value and detriment to our physical wellbeing.

The All-Provider created nourishment for our sake. Although every kind of food has its individual function in our bodies but to consume everything in excess increases ignorance of the body and the spirit.

Food we consume in moderation could bring benefits to us physically and spiritually.

As we are hooked with our desire, we have forgotten the basic. So, we ended up accumulating all the unnecessary stuffs our bodies do not need.

This prophetic advice would somehow motivate us to undertake desirable lifestyles:

A man does not fill any vessel worse than his stomach. It is sufficient for the son of Adam to eat enough to keep him alive. But if he must do more than that, then one-third for his food, one-third for his drink, and one-third for his air.”

Since our sacred bodies are gifts from the Creator, we need to stay healthy for His Sake. We have to be very cautious of our health and should be aware of what we put inside our bodies, for it is the only weapon we have in order to know the Beloved better.

The body is the only sacred temple where we can experience complete freedom, hence, we should not take it for granted or else it will vanish like a bursting bubble.

Aside from proper diet, we need to maintain regular exercise or workout to stay in good shape in order not to burden our loved ones with too much responsibilities or worries if we get sick.

But if we will be afflicted with disease of which is beyond our control, at least we will not be guilt-ridden for not taking precautions.

Thus, eating the right food at the right time with the right amount is a great preventive measure to stay healthy. As Hippocrates says, “Make thy food your medicine and thy medicine your food.”

To indulge our monstrous ego in a world full of temptation and enticement, too much of savory victuals will not release us from the shackles of subjugation.

Therefore we cannot spread our wings to emancipation.

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