Live to love. Love to live. 2021

Oh, my soul!

to live is not
to conquer the world or
to escape from tribulation
it is to glorify the

to give is not
to be highly praised 
or to be reciprocated
it is to share
with sincerity

to learn is not
to gain merit or
to obtain status
it is to educate
the soul

to plan is not
to amass riches or
to achieve power
it is to acquire
spiritual wealth

to fast is not 
to abstain from food   
or to crave for rewards
it is to discipline the
lower ego

to love is not 
to satisfy the ego or
to possess someone
it is to die before 
death comes

to pray is not 
to fear for hell or 
to wish for paradise
it is to seek the joy          
of the Beloved!

© Copyright 2014 Joy Wadi 052522

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