Right Education

Three days before the Islamic New Year (Amun Jadid) way back in 2017, I (and hubby) dropped by the (UPD) Kampuhan in the university stud farm.

My eyes sparkled in joy at the bright and beautiful banners alongside bearing a tribal identity on each silky colourful cloths but my heart melted in sadness as I toured around the lonely farm.

I was touched by the sentiments of the bleeding hearts and the lonely dreamers. But the solitariness of the fallen spirits caused me to remember the danger of ignorance as I took a picture of one little banderole fluttered above an open space.

The gentle swaying of this little banderita bearing an eye-opening slogan, “Education is a right” freshened my enthusiasm behind the wisdom of true knowledge. Yes, the path towards real peace and genuine freedom must not be ignored.

Indeed, education is an essential tool that could unveil us from doltishness. It is a wing of enlightenment that could make us stand by ourselves as we soar up high.

But what kind of education we must seek in order to embrace the very essence of freedom? What kind of knowledge do we need to bring to a standstill the rough and tumble that we grapple with? What kind of “right” that is indeed “right” for the “right” that we fight for?

As we are advised by the beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to “Seek knowledge even if it be in China,” we may somehow give a thought to what kind of knowledge he meant.

Perhaps, on this new year, we are all reborn that we may celebrate the period of our journey from a shadowy world into an illuminated one as we learned how to travel to the realm of right knowledge.

Not only when new year arrived but in every breath we make, we must renew the dwelling place of love to delight in real tranquility and cuddle the purity of freedom.

Definitely, Only the Renewer of Spirits can guide the passionate and the sincere lovers. Only He can breathe a new peaceful life and renew our old shrouded selves.

As we are advised to seek knowledge, learning to love first the very essence of our real selves will surely lead us to the path of peace that we long for because it is only His Unlimited Power in His Perfect Time that could put everything into its right place.

To all the real peace seekers, genuine freedom fighters, unconventional lovers and sincere friends, may the love in your hearts be renewed as you revel in joy with pure and perfect freedom.

Advance Happy new year!

© Copyright 2017 JoyWadi 060418


  1. Thanks for this Joy. I did not know you have connections with UP Diliman.makes me feel sad about how lies influenced the recent election there.such show of misguided ‘education’ there in the Philippines.

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