Right Key

Don’t be blue. Go green

There are times we find ourselves irritated, confused or troubled with small things that distract us from the path to love. We never realized the perfect reason on why there are terrible things and shocking events that visit us unexpectedly let alone unprepared.

Perhaps it’s normal for us human beings to feel this way. Yes we are all imperfect. We flare up. We break. We get angry. We hurt. We complain. We are error-prone. We commit mistakes easily no matter how good enough, intelligent or invulnerable we thought we are.

Albeit we could be more than humans if we are aware and mindful of our actions in a chaotic and temporal world. We could be more peaceful if we look beyond the horizon with the eye of our hearts not with our bodily eyes.

Again we are humans that could hardly detach from our egoistic desires. We tend to forget the basic and our purpose in life. We become more impatient and refuse to change. We create more barriers that block our paths instead of clearing them.

To practice seeing with the special eye is indeed practicing how to love and how to understand every “warrior” who attacks us to test our tolerance. This special eye never sees multiplicity and can never be shakened. It never fears as it cuddles hope. It only sees positivity, goodness and embraces love and peace.

Our Creator loves to stroke us not only with shallow but also with huge things in order to test our patience; to make us stronger and to fire our enthusiasm of calling Him all the time! We are being tested again and again in order to polish the remaining dust that accumulates in our pure hearts until we unlock the sacred love inside us.

All chaos are means of awakening us from a “deep sleep” that sometimes we forget who we really are.

On the other hand we are being put to sleep if we are too much “awakened” by insignificant matters that forgetfulness of the All-Existing One somehow may lead us into oblivion.

Otherness makes us blue. Let us go green with the Real Self.

© Copyright 2020 JoyWadi 032823

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