Another Glittering Path

Sunset (last day of Ramadan) 2017

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, a sincere believer of the Higher Being would commemorate with love as he welcomes the coming holy days of Fasting (Ramadan).

With high spirit, he stays up in prayers and Remembrance of the Beloved. And as he gives credence to His Promise, he feels fortunate to enjoy the last days of sacrifice and basks in the sweetness of prayers on the Night of Power (Laylatul Qadr).

But when Ramadan waves goodbye, the believer would feel sad and lonely as he waits again for the long and peaceful rotation of such sacred moment.

Today’s iftar (break) marks the last day of this year’s Ramadan, albeit, it is always fulfilling for a believer to express his fervent gratitude to the Almighty Allah as he enjoys the feast day of the holy month.

Indeed, one month is fast! But the feast day of this sacred month is not an emotional farewell at all but a new blessed beginning and a new path to another triumph, for it eagerly welcomes the fragrant and the purified one for another combat.

Every devotee of love could not deny the fact that during Ramadan, the gates of paradise are opened and the evil forces are chained. And as Ramadan waves goodbye, it is the gates of hell that will be opened and all the evil forces will be unchained.

That is why a real soldier will soon face another warfare although, this time with a purified mind, body and soul as his weapons. So, how could the gates of paradise remains close for the pure ones? How could the negative forces enter a pure heart when it is full of light?

But when a doubter or a sceptic takes this sacred event with a pinch of salt and later becomes cognizant of its outstanding nature, he will feel remorseful as he pays no heed to its arrival.

He would surely sorrow over as Ramadan bids him farewell and feels a pang of shame of the way how he ignores or takes the Beloved’s Gift for granted. But the Most Tolerant always gives another chance to His creature as one realizes the kernel of such struggle in his life.

Conceivably, as Ramadan reaches its apex, the lover’s passion to travel along the path of love and friendship with the Friend is strengthened. As he welcomes it lovingly with all of his heart, he ends it with love as it bids him goodbye for the time being because it will come to him sooner if He wills.

Ramadan is indeed a special gift a believer could receive as he embraces it with love.

Therefore, during Ramadan (or not), the sweetness of time given by the Beloved cannot be considered neither fast nor slow but it is recognized as a gratifying present or a glittering fortune sought or treasured by His sincere lovers who love unconditionally and tremendously for His Sake.

Alhamdulillah. (All praise be to God)

Eid Mubarak!

*Reposting my post few years ago
© Copyright 2017 JoyWadi 090117
Photo by my artist daughter Fatima

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