A chance to take care of a son
(mine are all daughters!)

When my daughter’s co-actor brought his son to rehearsal, little Tadashi started to cry. Without hesitation, I cuddled his three year old son immediately & brought him outside.  “Stop crying so that dadah could work well and buy you toys later on.” I convinced him.

“No, I don’t want toys, I want dadah,” cried Dash. My heart melted as I wiped his tears. A lover reminded me of “LOL” (Love, Oneness, Longing)!

What a tiny wisdom from a passionate lover; one who cannot be bribed by anything; one who wanted nothing except his Beloved!

Since he really wanted to see his dadah, he promised that he won’t cry anymore. So, we went back inside the theatre. Indeed, he behaved!

© Copyright 2019 JoyWadi 050622
Pic taken by Hannah


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