Dhikr: Food of the Spirit

The People of Paradise will only regret one thing: not having made enough dhikr (remembrance) in the world.” –Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Like a fish taken out of the water, we will surely flop and flounder when the remembrance of our Beloved is abandoned!

How can we become a mighty warrior of love and keep our spirits effervescent?

Perhaps we will not deprive ourselves of spiritual nourishment as we aim for the most powerful food of the spirit:

Stripping off the garment of our lower selves and plunging into the ocean of love called Remembrance or Dhikr in Islam.

Dhikr is a meditation or the Remembrance of Allah that involves in the repetition and invocation of His Holy Names and Attributes, verses, praises and prayers that glorify Him continuously.

According to Ahmed Hulusi, “Dhikr increases brain capacity in the direction of the word that is repeated.

It enables radial energy emanating from the brain to be uploaded to the spirit, a holographic radial body, thus strengthening the spirit body to be used after death. It enables reaching a state of certainty and allows the actualization of divine meanings.”

Once the Most Powerful cloaks our hearts with His Guidance, consciousness will strengthen the potentiality of our brains. Our spirits will surely reach a state of peace and tranquility.

Dhikr never stops to strengthen our determination to walk continuously on the path of oneness called Love as it reinvigorates our beings. Even after every daily prayers, to incorporate this powerful weapon would bring great pleasure and happiness to our thirsty spirits.

What more if we stand up in the latter part of the night and perform it for an hour or two or even more will surely give us fulfillment and relaxation as it satiates our body, mind and soul. It keeps our brain alive that we don’t even need an alarm clock to get up from bed to perform our meditation. But once we miss it, our hearts would go topsy-turvy!

Funny that there are times the Only Watcher would even let a mosquito makes an annoying buzz on our ears or command a cockroach to crawl on our feet to wake us up for His Remembrance! But there are times our slothful egos would speak to us in muted tones: “Go back to sleep.”

This crazy ego never stops whispering in our ears and wrapping us in the blanket of indolence until we miss the intimate remembrance of the Beloved.

But how could a sincere lover who is always provoked by the powerful voice of his pure heart depart from the Truth? How could he retreat when he is kindled with fire to see His Beloved?

An intimate friend would never ever dare to embrace lethargy and enter the hole of heedlessness when he hears the sweetness of His Beloved’s Voice:

“Remember Me, and I will remember you.”

So, the evil-whispering ego would then surrender, stand up and run for ablution to perform dhikr!

Dhikr is so powerful that it could spiritually give us protection, blissfulness and enlightenment. Hence, our engagement with the Beloved’s Remembrance must not come to a halt.

If our hearts or spirits are infected by the threatening viruses of our dominant selves, perhaps the infection could be slaughtered by dhikr as it is cured by the sharp sword of “La illaha illallah” (There is no deity except God).

Without doubt, His Remembrance increases the power of our brains especially when it is enveloped in sluggishness and abhorrence. It would surely dampen and soften our hard-hearted beings as it sets our brain in motion while our spirits reflect the Beloved’s Light.

Since dhikr can be done by the heart and the tongue, we can still awaken our slumbering hearts amidst our busy schedules, for His Names (verses and prayers) can always be remembered anytime in all state of affairs: brisk walking; on a ride to work; in an assembly; in a hospital duty; waiting for a turn on a line; getting stuck in a traffic jam; cooking or cutting vegetables; in a meeting; carrying a baby; eating and drinking; standing, sitting or even lying down.

Therefore, let us nourish and energize our spirits all the time through dhikr or the remembrance of the Real Self.

Without question, we will discover the very essence of our real existence and enjoy the feastivity of the greater station of pure love and genuine freedom: When we become the Remembered One!

© Copyright 2002 JoyWadi 082118


  1. I am no scholar. So, if my question is poorly worded please forgive my ignorance? Which branch of Islam has so inspired you with Love?


  2. Speechless 💕 we read it in the traffic jam right now and absolutely loved y🩷 Pinar & Omer


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