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“Hug, hug, hug!” With open arms, my third daughter would always say when she was small. She loves to hug and to be hugged. She feels secure and happy. Until now she still hugs me and wants to be hugged.

I would say hug is love, power, energy, and stress reliever. I see it as another form of charity, too. I revel in joy as God distresses me everytime I give a hug for strength, gratitude, support and comfort.

Hugging my women friends, relatives and my family makes me feel good. I hug my hubby too, to get a little more energy or free my self from stress. It’s funny that I hug him five to ten times a day (but not in public, lol!). I need a little more power! But if he is out of my sight, I send him virtual hugs.

It has been scientifically proven that hugging is more beneficial to one’s body and brain. It is found that it can reduce pain and can protect someone from illness. Hence, hugging is good for the heart! It makes one happy.

They have also discovered that a certain hormone called oxytocin has a strong effect in women which they call “cuddle hormone” or “love hormone”. It is associated with joyfulness and could lessen stress hormone.

Accordingly, the positive effects of this “cuddle hormone” are strongest in women. This kind of hormone is linked to motherhood. It plays significant roles in motherhood from labor, breastfeeding, and bonding times.

It has been proven that mothers who have high levels of oxytocin are more affectionate in parenting their babies. While babies who has an increase in oxytocin seek more of their mothers further making their bond stronger.

A simple hug seems to boost oxytocin levels. Perhaps wives who frequently hug their husbands are happier just like when they cuddle their babies which give them happiness.

Now how many hugs do we need?

Virginia Satir, a Family Therapist once said that we need four hugs a day for survival; eight hugs a day for maintenance; and twelve hugs a day for growth. It sounds like a lot of hugs. Therefore hug more for a lot of joy!

Hug your loved ones anytime; when they leave the house or when they arrive. Hug them more (even if brief) if you want to lessen your stress or feel a greater sense of well-being.

Hugging is indeed therapeutic!

Therefore oh, lover, don’t detach yourself from your Beloved, hug/embrace Him tight!❤️

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