Dear WordPress Bloggers

Dear Fellow WordPress bloggers (as well as my silent readers, friends, viewers & wp/email followers) in all corners of the world,

Let me express my heartfelt thanks to all of you for taking time to connect with me and for listening to the melody of my small voice.

Thank you for all the love and support you shared though we are strangers and far apart from one another. But once the heart connects, there is no such thing called distance; once the heart loves, there is no such thing called black or white.

I believe all of us are interconnected. Each heart is interrelated with other hearts. There is always a part of everyone in another.

You are an inspiration! Thank you for giving me the chance to learn from all your educational, mystical, sweet, funny, inspirational, lonely, magical, spiritual, and powerful voices.

And to WordPress that built the bridge between hearts, my “Thank You” is not enough for the huge space that you have provided for my hidden voice.

What a joy to meet writers, readers and inspirers in the blogging community!

Most of all, I thank the Loving One who unshackled me from fear and made me rejoice in freedom.

May we always smile and be thankful to the Beloved no matter what the circumstance that we may face as we travel along the path called Love!

Love and prayers.❤ -JoyWadi


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  1. It is amazing that you take time to appreciate little things in life. You may not be knowing most of the bloggers. Yet you still take out time to thank them. Do you realise that you are spreading so much of happiness?

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  2. It’s lovely to be part of the blogging community on WordPress, isn’t it? Thank you for visiting my little corner of it. I love the cool green parkway in your header photo.


  3. Very thoughtful post and resonates with my experiences of sharing with the blogging world. Joy to you in this new year of 2018 and you certainly do your bit to bring joy with your poems and photos.

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