Mom & Monk

Interfaith Dialogue gathering

The Mom and the Monk!

The mom nurtures
She exists for humanity
The monk inspires
She is the energy of humanity

The mom and the monk
The love and the wisdom
The sun and the stars
Yes, they are one!

While you remember the wisdom a good monk can give you, you can never forget the image of a memorable mom who loves you!

The sun is the star at the center of
the solar system. It is the source
of energy for life on earth

The mom is the sun
The monk is the star

While the mom needs energy from the monk, the monk cannot exist without the source of life on earth – the mom!

If you cannot be a mom for a lifetime then be a monk in the meantime.

If you cannot be a monk once in a lifetime then be a mom all the time.

If you cannot be a mom or a monk,
be a non-existing man

Salute to all the beloved women who
are the moms for humanity and
the monks of humanity!

We thank God for all the moms & the monks!

With a good friend, Head Abbess,
Ven. Miao Jing,
Fo Guang Shan in the Philippines
(FGS Mabuhay Temple)

© Copyright 2019 JoyWadi /Harmony Week

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