Sacred Tears

The Sacredness of Tears

Why do we cry?

The feeling of joy, gratefulness, pain, compassion, hurt, fear, loneliness, trauma, insecurity, anger, betrayal, frustrations, self-pity, anxiety, gratitude, sickness, abandonment, hatred, victory, exploitation, poverty, regrets, prosperity, repentance, and all other emotions can trigger our tears.

Oh, we cry a lot and we cannot deny that!

Have you ever felt the feeling of relief after crying? Our holy tears are like scents that purify the air we breathe while embracing cognizance. Tears are wake up calls. Perhaps when our spirits need to be reawakened we must weep in order to embrace jollity.

Crying detoxifies and regains our consciousness of our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Indeed there is sacredness in our tears.

Shedding tears of brokenness and of joy remind us that tears are great messengers; tears are keys to unlock the hidden; tears are sacred. When crying breaks our hearts, it brings goodness to our inner being.

Tears are not means of giving up or losing hope; tears are accepting the joy and sadness it brings, for it washes both physical and spiritual toxic in our lives.

Neither tears are signs of weakness nor defeat but rather it is a sign of a new life, a manifestation of a purified spirit that embraces us tightly.

When tears fall from our eyes, it clears our paths with hope, acceptance, patience, understanding and love. Just like a newborn baby weeping in pain of separation from another world but alive in a new world.

Sacred tears bring us closer to our Real Self. Because when we are broken-hearted, we seek help and cry unto the One who created tears and emotions.

Why can we not convince ourselves that the holy tears that fall from our eyes are means of remembering and knowing more of our Beloved?

Every joy we experience and every pain we suffer come from the One who created our emotions. Therefore our emotions are nothing but means of connecting to the sacred heart – embracing back the Real Self.

All emotions we experience that can trigger our tears, wash our darkened hearts and illuminates our being with His burning light.

Tears awaken our spirits lost in reality. It is a powerful tool that clears our sights and cleanses our eyes of toxic and our hearts of our misdemeanor. It opens our minds and washes the dirt that blocks our paths.

Hence, we must never hold back our tears. When we feel like crying, we must cry it out loud! Let’s cry an ocean as it gives us life, for crying is rejoicing the gift of the Beloved.

Be full of sorrow, that you may become a hill of joy; weep, that you may break into laughter.” –Rumi

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