Tormenting, longingSpiritual ailmentof lovers away from Love © Copyright 2001 JoyWadi 060123


now the shadowI encounterkeeps haunting mestroking my ego grabbing me intothe pit of darkness who is there to beblamed but … More


I am a Lovewarrior;throw meinto darkness,I will comeout shining! © Copyright 2023 JoyWadi 040223


The best is called “now”For tomorrow may not comewhile you plan something © Copyright 2023 JoyWadi 052723


Once, I find myself in pain and chaosI am cuddling anxiety, hatred, fear;struggling thru the strong wind ofa storm that … More

I am Love

I am a silent builderI represent the sunthat gives you light,which you rotatecloser to As you rotatearound me inall directions,out … More


When the fire of my spiritbegins to ignite, myHeartprevents my cry of“I want this” , “I want that” My feet … More

Sacred Tears

Why do we cry? The feeling of joy, gratefulness, pain, compassion, hurt, fear, loneliness, trauma, insecurity, anger, betrayal, frustrations, self-pity, … More


When Godbreathes of His spiritunto youI owe Him much!He fills your heart withlove and compassionYou are precious My “thank you” … More


Oh, lovers of love! lovely red roses my lover gives mehe is a brilliant wise man you see25 years rewards … More


I rejoice in theelegance of aravishing floweras it captivatesmy heartwhileYou concealthe rootsthat unveil itsexistence Oh, Sweetheart!Don’t hide YourLovely Face frommy … More

Mom & Monk

The Mom and the Monk! The mom nurturesShe exists for humanityThe monk inspiresShe is the energy of humanity The mom … More


the burial of myself-image birthedto a new era whichmanifested a divinecognizance in mywhole beingnow as I revelled inmy aha moment,I … More

Dear WordPress Bloggers

Dear Fellow WordPress bloggers (as well as my silent readers, friends, viewers & wp/email followers) in all corners of the … More

About the Blogger

Dear Lovers! Peace be upon you all! WELCOME Joy T. Wadi is no one important. Without the Moulder, she is … More


Oh, Truth seekers! This mundaneworld is arestaurant where we sit,eat our mealsand thenleave,so to speak.Like an evanescentshadow,our presencein this momentarydining … More


sometimesI give youa reason to crybut you give mea reason to smilein your touch,you make me breathein the sweetnessof your … More

Wake Up!

Oh, my soul! the company of friendsyou love come and goyou continuously satisfy thedemands of your dark ego the pleasure … More

It’s One

look not atthe names,adhere to theessence disregardthe forms,look at themeaning © Copyright 2004 JoyWadi 041823

Just Hug

“Hug, hug, hug!” With open arms, my third daughter would always say when she was small. She loves to hug … More


Oh, Beloved One! You hide the radiant skyfrom my naked eyesand all I see areclouds that are bright Why do … More


Oh, my soul! what is the use of hankering for insignificant matters that could damage your essential nature? what is … More


Interfaith Dialogue is one of the great means for one’s spiritual evolutionGod is notconfined andlimited inone religionone place orin one … More


Oh, Sweetheart! distance between You and meis called affectioneven rejection is a path towardsYour intimacythe hole of brokenness leadsme to … More


Oh, my soul! in spite of the lonelinessthat is striking choose to be thankful in spite of the crueltythat is annoyingchoose … More

Thank God

Oh, my soul! when the world is brightthank Godwhen life is chaoticthank Godwhen the body is healthythank Godwhen illness comesthank … More


and now the heart isoverwhelming with lovebrimming with passionthe spirit’s fire ignitesthe light sparks!madness begins to boila deafening silence greetsno … More


a blushing flowerblooming beautifully inthe hot summer sun showing patiencebending in prostrationagainst the heat ignoring agonyas the warm sunentangles her … More


the momentous vowthat I seriouslypledged was aflickeringillumination and amemorable guidancefrom the Living Onewho made mewitnessmy interment –which in truth,was thecontinuanceof … More


patience counts:if it is for you,no matter what,it will come to youif it is not for you,no matter howmuch effortyou … More


rejoicing inthe gift withoutrecognizing theGiver, is receivingnothing!whereas;thanking theGiver, even withoutthe gift, is receivingthe best present! © Copyright 2020 JoyWadi 043023Thank … More


then what are we waiting for?as we shamefully bow our headsand cry our hearts out for our crookedness, let us … More


Veils here, veils thereVeils everywhereVeils!When will you lift the veils?You lift the veilsLift the veilsThe veilsVeils of Separation © Copyright … More

Dhikr: Food of the Spirit

“The People of Paradise will only regret one thing: not having made enough dhikr (remembrance) in the world.” –Prophet Muhammad … More


When my daughter’s co-actor brought his son to rehearsal, little Tadashi started to cry. Without hesitation, I cuddled his three … More

Mundane Rotation

One Ramadan, five years ago, I, along with my two youngest daughters, attended a Ramadan lecture series entitled “Light, Science … More

Away from Home

The end of my longing to visit female inmates happened when I fortunately tagged along with a fellow mom (Hannah) … More

Move On

Oh, dear one! emotions fly awaywisdom will stay the heart sets you freestay in love and let it be my … More

Bleeding Heart

My spirit remained unruffled in the midst of sorrow A sweet smiling face was the image I portrayed I convinced … More

A Good Shepherd

The cold and foggy weather of December will say sayonara soon. Some of us who tried to give the impression … More


Oh, lovers of love! there is alwaysa sacred timeto heal and menda broken heart a tranquil space to breathe purity … More


Oh, lovers! After a long travel from the vileness of our shallow, chaotic, and blinded selves, perhaps with our renewed … More

Another Glittering Path

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, a sincere believer of the Higher Being would commemorate with love as he welcomes … More


eating the right foodat the right time withthe right amount is a preventive measureto stay healthy as Hippocrates says,“Make thy … More

Gentle Breath

Oh, my Beloved! The Warmness of Your Presence soothes me How can I ignore the Sweetness of Your Voice that … More

Right Key

There are times we find ourselves irritated, confused or troubled with small things that distract us from the path to … More


RepresentativeGod made him strong and aliveIn order to help © Copyright 2002 JoyWadi 041717


short spiked flowersclustering in unityif they disconnectit is because oftheir wickednessstar-like flowersblooming in pinkwhite and magentaif they flourish inelegance it … More


indeed there is a special connectionbetween the Beloved Godand a loving mother,seeking knowledge,knowing who we really areis not to doubt … More

Nafs Attack

“The bird that escapes from the trap of its ego has no fear, wherever it may fly.”- Rumi What is … More

Top Story: Sisyphean

On July 16, 2017, I tagged along with my hubby to his live interview at the ANC Top Story (Abs-Cbn) … More


Oh, my soul! no one dies of aloneness but of separation no one dies of darkness but of radiance no one dies of poverty but … More


Oh, my soul! fasting withforgetfulnessis the workof the body;it fasts becauseof rewardswhereas;fasting withremembrance is thework of the soul;it fasts becauseof … More


Oh, my soul! Fasting is neither a renunciation of refreshment nor a test of endurance It is the eschewal of … More

Reach for the Stars!

“Why are you afraid of death?” A Buddhist lecturer raised this question as he began to speak about the reflections … More


Oh, the Light of my life! when I offer gratitude You increase me of Your bounties when I forgive others … More

Only You

Oh, Existing One! Wherever I turnI see the beauty ofYour faceHow can I remainblind if everythingI see is noother thanYou? … More


Oh, my soul! What destroys a lover? Prayer without knowledgeKnowledge without practicePractice without sinceritySincerity without sacrificeSacrifice without worshipWorship without serviceService … More


gone were the days ofignorancewhen the ego rules gone were the days ofmultiplicitywhen the world exists gone were the days … More


My servants:every step you make,I will watch youevery road you take,I will guide youevery breath you make,I will lift you … More


my children represent the four elements of my life: earth, water, air and fire. As I journeyed every stage of … More

Right Education

Three days before the Islamic New Year (Amun Jadid) way back in 2017, I (and hubby) dropped by the (UPD) Kampuhan … More

Reviving Awareness

Fasting is not all about partaking of food or quenching the thirst after long period of abstinence. Cooking a flavoursome … More


Oh, my soul! when you wake up in the morning as the brilliant shaft of sunlight caresses your face; when … More


Oh, my soul! how can you accept the Beloved’s Beauty in prosperity but disregard His Majesty in misery? © Copyright … More


Oh, my soul! to live is notto conquer the world orto escape from tribulationit is to glorify theCreator to give … More


Oh, my Master! I thank You  for this pain! what a good and sweet punishment I beg of You and … More


differentcountries, creedscultures, clanscharisma, colourscallings, creativity people of the pathsee the Belovedin opposites like painand sorroware lovers’constantshining light love hidesif there … More

Sacredness Of Rhythm

Soaring with SOR! Was there a way to back-pedal when reality began to cuddle me? Once upon a time, I … More

Lover’s Tree

I You They Listen Love all Hate none Understand Give a smile Contemplate Control anger Avoid a gossip Pray for … More

Spread Your Wings

“Number six!” The saleslady called my number as it popped out at the monitor screen. It was my turn! One … More

Dearest God

Dearest God, I thank You for all the blessings You have showered upon me I know You have blessed me from … More


Oh, wanderers! Iplace asparkling Crownon yourheadyet you still wantto beg around Ipromiseyou a Rose Gardenyet you still preferto dwell in … More


Oh, my Love! on a cool Sunday morning I walk by the shoreline the Beauty of Your Face lingers in … More


The candor of my pure heartunraveled the indefinable hidden secret of ignorance and self-realizationWhen my veiled heartlost life in vain,I … More


Oh, advocates of Love! the pain ofsearching isblissfulness;it liberates thelover’s ego!while the sweetnessof finding is misery;it incarceratesthe lover’s soul! © … More


Oh, the Loving One! I may be unworthy of Your bounties but when You breathed unto me Thy spirit I … More


Oh, lovers! Every sorrow paves the way to purify a dark soul! Copyright 2021 JoyWadi 101422

Never Again

never again will you be… the brutish torturer that   could shatter my dreams  the unjust leader that   could imprison my … More


  Oh, my soul! Divine inspiration comes to you in different forms Anything that could fan the flame of Love … More


tormenting, grievingspiritual ailmentof lovers away from home © Copyright 2008 JoyWadi 061022


Oh, my soul! why do you create barriers and divisions if you want to walk on a straight path? © … More

Great Fear

Oh, my soul! your ego’s fear is too shallow! have you ever fear of being forgotten by the Beloved? © … More


Oh, my soul! in the shadow of mennothing is veiled but wisdom in the shadow of wrathnothing is veiled but … More

Close at Hand

Reading, educating oneself, and putting into practice what is upon the Sacred Scripture of the Beloved God is the best … More

Melodious Sound

You may find this awkward, funny, weird, or whatever, up to you. Now allow me to share what I heard … More


focus on somethingwhich you can control,that is your lower ego take care of the onewho values you,that is Yourself pay … More

Sense of Gratefulness

When we wake up in the morning as the brilliant shaft of sunlight caresses our faces; when we travel thousands … More

Unshaken Devotees

We arrived at the Blue Mosque at an opportune time one sunny morning in February. As what we had promised, … More

Nurturing the Heart

While the heaven and the earth are so vast that it cannot even contain the Beloved, one would certainly ponder … More

Silent Builders

The Beloved God commanded us to have a great veneration not only for Him but also for our parents especially … More


Oh, advocates of Love! once you have entered the threshold of Love you will never be lost! © Copyright 2001 … More

Real Self

Oh, egoistic one! You are importantbecause of youI know my worth How powerful you arebecause of youI become stronger I … More


Oh, lovers! Forgiveness is akin to the faucet that releases water; it washes off the stains of the heart and … More


Oh, my soul! the best way to remember  the Friend is to forget the self; the best way to forget  … More


Oh, my soul! a man without heart is a man without love; a man without love is a man without … More


Oh, my Beloved! what does itprofit meliving in acolorfulworld yetemptinesssurrounds me?what does itprofit me to bein a bright worldyet I … More