Oh, my soul! why do you cloud your heart’s eye if you want to perfect your vision and better your … More

Roam in Rome

I was and still am in awe How can I deny the Beloved’s Power? How can I not submit to … More


Oh, my soul! How long will you continue to strive for what you call “Excellence”? Wake up from Slumber dear … More


Oh my soul! be heedful for the worst separation of all is being away  from your original home disconnected from … More


Oh advocates of Love! How can we delight in stillness if our egoistic lifestyles are surrounded by competitiveness? © Copyright … More


While the heart needs to be cautioned to become faithful, it needs to be punished too, to become more faithful. … More

No Coercion

Oh my soul!  There is no coercion in fasting  If you fast without seeking the   Beloved’s pleasure then take a … More


Like a fish taken out  of the water, we will  surely flop and flounder  when the remembrance of the Beloved is … More


Wading into the waters of Interfaith Dialogue is one of the great means for one’s spiritual evolution God is not … More

2020: Perfect Vision

How many of us brought into reflection and self-realization during the pandemic? Indeed 20/20 is a perfect vision © Copyright … More

Sacredness Of Rhythm

Soaring in SOR! Was there a way to back-pedal when reality began to cuddle me? Once upon a time, I … More


What a passionate lover he is!Finding joy in pain and seeingbeauty in the midst of sorrowPatiently enduring crueltiesLike water, he … More

Melodious Sound

You may find this awkward, funny, weird, or whatever, up to you. Now allow me to share what I heard … More

Mirror, Mirror

Oh, lovers! Keep polishing the mirror Lovers keep polishing the mirror Keep polishing the mirror Polishing the mirror The mirror … More

Never Again

never again will you be… the brutish torturer that   could shatter my dreams the unjust leader that   could imprison my rightsthe … More


A passionate lover would certainly embrace deafness that he refuses to hear from none other than the sweet voice of … More

Walk Straight

Oh, my soul! why do you create barriers and divisions if you want to walk on a straight path? © … More


Oh my soul!  the profession of faith is not about the headscarf!  the real lover should not busy herself in … More


Oh, the Wise One! I may not grasp Your Wisdom but I must accept Your Will When I accept Your … More

A Noble Task

“Were you not scared?” asked a friend as she had known my participation in a funeral wash. “No. I’m scared … More

Unshaken Devotees

We arrived at the Blue Mosque at an opportune time one sunny morning in February. As what we had promised, … More


When my daughter’s co-actor brought his son to rehearsal, little Tadashi started to cry. Without hesitation, I cuddled his three … More


This lovely flower makes me happy when she is in bloomBut now she is in the stateof submission as if … More

Stairway to Light

Fire in February. I just arrived home in the afternoon from the Blue Mosque when a fellow sister informed me … More

Thank you, WordPress!

Thank you, WordPress! Thank you everyone More Voices More Inspiration More Power God bless us all!

Lovers’ Sanctuary

Until now I am still overwhelmed by my wonderful experience (one February, few years ago): A visit to the Sanctuary … More

Human Being

I nourished four lovely daughters of which has each own God-given endowment and temperament. Through my journey along with these … More

I Love You, Mother

“Paradise lies under the feet of mothers.” -Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) To my mother, my mother-in-law and to all the mothers … More


My children represent the four elements of my life: earth, water, air and fire. As I journeyed every stage of … More

Right Education

Three days before the Islamic New Year (Amun Jadid) way back in the year 2017, I (and hubby) dropped by the … More


It’s not about the steps we make or the road we take It’s about His Beauty we revel. -joywadi © … More

“Donut” Eat the Dates!

Fortuitous encounters were indeed great morsels of insights that spiritually fed our thoughts with refreshment on a month of abstinence. … More

Lift the Veil!

“Why do you cover your hair/head?” “Are you under going therapy?” “Are you a Muslim?” Others who are unaware of … More

Fleeting Shadow

Whoosh! Like a vehicle after filling gas at the gasoline station, we left hurriedly after consuming our meals. Yesterday was … More

Oh, Heart!

Oh heart! Keep the Love burning! -joywadi © Copyright JoyWadi

The Rhythm of Love

Falling in love is the most bewildering, intoxicating, and ridiculous phenomenon that one may ever experience. As a matter of … More

Wooden Heart

into oblivion the ephemeral world confines our bodies it is a robber of reality an atrocious pit of grief powerless … More

Close at Hand

Reading, educating oneself, and putting into practice what is upon the Sacred Scripture of the Beloved God is the best … More

Another Glittering Path

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, a believer of the Higher Being would commemorate with love as he welcomes the … More

Celestial & Mundane Rotation

One Ramadan, five years ago, I, along with my two youngest daughters, attended a Ramadan lecture series entitled “Light, Science … More

Reviving Awareness

Fasting is not all about partaking of food or quenching the thirst after long period of abstinence. Cooking a flavoursome … More

The Guest is Coming!

The arrival of the holy month of Ramadan (fasting) was highly thought of by the Masjid Darussalam in Cavite City … More


Fasting is neither a renunciation of refreshment nor a test of endurance It is the eschewal of one’s fiendish torturer, … More

Mothers Away from Home

The end of my longing to visit female inmates happened when I fortunately tagged along with a fellow mom (Hannah) … More

The Mom & the Monk

The Mom and the Monk! The mom nurtures. She exists for humanityThe monk inspires. She is the energy of humanity … More

Food of the Spirit

“The People of Paradise will only regret one thing: not having made enough dhikr (remembrance) in the world.” –Prophet Muhammad … More

Woman: An Epitome of Love

“Clicked!” I was inspired to take a picture of a lovely white orchids sitting tight as a centrepiece. My attention … More

Two Hearts

In the name of the Infinite Light Two shadows sparkle in dark and silent Ah! Nothing exists but Oneness of … More


To immerse oneself in the Remembrance of the Beloved and soar into the gentle wind of His Love is to … More

Only One

We cannot enjoy the world as a manifestation of love and unity if we refuse to use spiritual ammunitions and … More

Or Else

If you love a thing, give it away; or else it will possess you. If you love someone, set him … More

New Beginning

Like the sun that sets, every ending is nothing but a new beginning; a new life; and a beautiful moment … More


Oh my soul! To venture to the path of Love is the only profession you must focus on It requires … More

Lover’s Tree

I You They Listen Love all Hate none Understand Give a smile Contemplate Control anger Avoid a gossip Pray for … More


When we wake up in the morning as the brilliant shaft of sunlight caresses our faces; when we travel thousands … More


  Oh my soul!Divine inspirationcomes to you indifferent formsAnything that couldfan the flame of lovein your heart,even a piece of … More


What is the use of hankering for insignificant matters that could damage our essential nature? What is the advantage of … More


Have we truly evolved with the right disposition and blossomed like fragrant flowers? -joywadi © Copyright JoyWadi

Real Peace

Real peace can only be enjoyed by the valiant diver of the deepest recesses of the heart; the sacred place … More


While the heart needs to be cautioned to become faithful, it needs to be punished too, to become more faithful. … More


As a lover feels the agony of separation from his Beloved, he catapults himself into dumbness that he could not … More

Blinded Soul

unless we change what is inside our hearts no god can change our conditions no master can transform our dispositions … More

Keep the Trust

Oh my soul! Never allow the smokey atmosphere to darken your eyesight and deprive you of cognizance Never allow the … More

Raining Tears

Like a lover weeping for her lost beloved, our hearts continue to bleed. The tears of sadness that stream down … More

Keep Going

We are often veiled by darkness and experience sudden jolts and jerks on our journeys How can we not utter … More


After a long travel from the vileness of our shallow, chaotic, and blinded selves, perhaps with our renewed hearts, we … More

Bleeding Heart

My spirit remained unruffled in the midst of sorrow A sweet smiling face was the image I portrayed I convinced … More

Endless Fragrance

To nurture the heart with sanctity and consciousness is a priceless quest. It demands passion, sincerity, time, strength, and enthusiasm … More


Oh my soul! Motherhood is a gift, accept it Motherhood is a chance, grab it Motherhood is a remedy, take … More

If Only

If only tears could Quench millions of thirsts Renew millions of vows Erase millions of wickedness Heal millions of heartaches … More

My Only Light

Oh, my only Light! If You are out of sight I melt in sadness -joywadi © Copyright JoyWadi


Closeness with the One is a moment of rapture Every lover’s dream is to be with the Loving In the … More

Gentle Breath

The Warmness of Your Presence soothes me How can I ignore the Sweetness of Your Voice that lightens me As … More


On a cool Sunday morning I walk by the shoreline The Beauty of Your Face lingers in my memory In … More

Ocean’s Waves

Oh, lovers! Do not allow the form to become the hindrance of Love towards the Beloved One! If you see … More

The Colour of Love

Oh, my Beloved! Bestow on me nothing except the Beauty of Your Friendship Take away anything from me except the … More

Hanging On

I sit silently viewing the horizon In the silence of my heart my soul speaks out Oh, waves without you … More

Oh, Lover’s Spirit!

Oh, Lover’s Spirit Bring me to the Seashore of Truth Let me dance tirelessly In the Sand of Mercy Come … More

Dear WordPress Bloggers

Dear WordPress bloggers (as well as my silent readers, viewers & email followers) in all corners of the world, Let … More

What a Good Shepherd!

The cold and foggy weather of December will say sayonara soon. Some of us who tried to give the impression … More

Unconditional Motherhood

After brisk walking along the cool side street of Mariapolis in Tagaytay City a couple of weeks ago, I, along … More

The Last Day

One glorious day, indeed, made me a better creature than I was before, for my father’s final exit from this … More

New Year, New Self

Today we expressed our admiration on the journey of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) from Medina to Mecca which marked … More

A Momentary Foggy Day

“The acceptance of death is painful than death itself,” uttered my eighty two year old mother who broke down in … More

Top Story: Sisyphean

On July 16, 2017, I tagged along with my hubby to his live interview at the ANC Top Story (Abs-Cbn) … More

Reach for the Stars!

“Why are you afraid of death?” A Buddhist lecturer raised this question as he began to speak about the reflections … More

Nurturing the Heart

While the heaven and the earth are so vast that it cannot even contain the Beloved, one would certainly ponder … More

The Heart’s Eye

I would say that a visually impaired man who sees more than a man with an excellent sight is not … More

Sense of Gratefulness

When we wake up in the morning as the brilliant shaft of sunlight caresses our faces; when we travel thousands … More

The Silent Builders

The Beloved God commanded us to have a great veneration not only for Him but also for our parents especially … More

The Sinner’s Colostrum

Normally, a newborn baby needs to drink colostrum, which is the first secretion from a mammary glands of a mother … More

About the Blogger

Oh, Lovers! Peace be upon you all! Welcome Joy T. Wadi is no one important. Without the Moulder, she is … More