Love’s Alphabet

Oh, my soul! If you can Accept fateBuild friendshipControl angerDetach from the pastEndure crueltiesForgive and forgetGive sincerelyHarmonize with othersIlluminate inner … More


Oh, my soul! only in silence the Beloved’s voice is heard; only in silence the heart sees; and once the … More


Oh, the Trustworthy! every time I mess up You pardon me every time I go astray You guide me every … More

Dear God

Dear God, I thank You for all the blessings You have showered upon me I know You have blessed me from … More


The candor of my pure heartunraveled the indefinable hidden secret of ignorance and self-realizationWhen my veiled heart lost life in … More


A touch of love unveils me in a momentand blissfully treasures me beyond any doubtIndeed a warm embrace showers me … More


Callings. Callings! We all have our own callings. All of us have been called to serve in a very unique … More


Love Powerful, delightful Life-giving, fulfilling, healing Oh jealous and possessive Life © Copyright 2002 JoyWadi


Oh, the Love of my heart! how can I get away from Your Courtyard if You are the Passion that … More


Oh, my soul! a passionate lover is he who cloaks himself by the mantle of blindness and ignores everything except … More


Oh, my soul! an intimate lover is who never dares to embrace lethargy and enters the hole of heedlessness when … More


Oh, my soul! fasting with forgetfulness is the work of the body; it fasts because of rewards whereas, fasting with … More


Oh, lovers of Love! once you embraced a double-faced policy you will never find your way! © Copyright 2002 JoyWadi


What a passionate lover he is!Finding joy in pain and seeingbeauty in the midst of sorrowPatiently enduring crueltiesLike water, he … More


Oh, freedom fighters! how can we escape from fear of world war if every sovereign wants to keep ahead of … More


Money Wrecker, reformer Disturbing, inspiring, ego-corrupting Gives strength and weakness Resources © Copyright 2002 JoyWadi

Dark Lie

Oh, dark soul! you ignore Me when your world seems bright, you said you need Me; but only when you … More


Oh, my Master! You captured my being and made me a hostage of Your beauty and majesty! © Copyright 2002 … More

Thank You

Oh, my soul! when your world is bright thank God when your life is troubled thank God when you are … More


Oh, advocates of Love! we hunger for power we desire for wealth we thirst for peace we long for freedom … More


Oh, my soul! anger is a blazing fire that conquers the ego; a deadly virus that infects the heart; a … More


Beloved Single, perfect Love, Lover, Beloved The One and Only Happiness © Copyright 2000 JoyWadi


Oh, seekers of Love! call me stupid lunatic or fool, to my Beloved I can’t help but soar tell me … More


Oh advocates of Love! once you are bestowed with Divine Grace you will never be neglected! © Copyright 2002 JoyWadi


Oh, my soul! patience is an emotional strength that comes from the Beloved One rejoice and be patient nothing moves … More


Oh, seekers of Love! my only enemy: commanding ego! don’t you know he taught me wisdom? I said: “I will … More


“The bird that escapes from the trap of its ego has no fear, wherever it may fly.”- Rumi What is … More


Oh, my soul! to be brave is to rage  war against your lower ego rage war against your many “I”s! … More


Oh, my soul! what is the use of hankering for insignificant matters that could damage your essential nature? what is … More


Oh, seekers of Love! beauties in life are called heartbreaks one more attempt is a lover’s work of love never … More


Oh, advocates of Love! the momentous vow that I seriously pledged was a flickering illumination and a memorable guidance from … More


Oh, my Beloved! I may be unworthy of Your Friendship but when You breathed unto me Thy spirit, Ah! I … More


Oh, my soul! what a chaotic world when your evil-commanding ego rules, power, power, you hanker for power! © Copyright … More


Oh, my Beloved! guide me oh, Beloved one I am weak and helpless all the time I may not be … More


Oh, my soul! fight, fight the ego day and night! ©Copyright 2019 joywadi


Separation Affliction, darkness Failing, weeping, longing How sorrowful and sweet Harmonious, powerful Union © Copyright 2002 JoyWadi


Oh, my soul! to live is notto conquer the world orto escape from tribulationit is to glorify theCreator to give … More


Oh, my master! when You accepted me in Your courtyard my loneliness turned into pleasure! © Copyright 2001 JoyWadi


Oh, my soul! What destroys a lover? Prayer without knowledge Knowledge without practice Practice without sincerity Sincerity without sacrifice Sacrifice … More


Oh, advocates of Truth! how can we create a good governance if leadership is being exercised with unscrupulousness? © Copyright … More


Friendship Intimacy, devotion Forgiving, understanding, loving A Powerful and enjoyable Life © Copyright 2020 JoyWadi


Oh, my soul! the best way to remember is to forget the easiest way to know is to ignore the … More


Oh, advocates of Love! the pain of searching is blissfulness; it liberates the lover’s ego while the sweetness of finding … More


Oh, my Love! If I am the fish and  You are the water, how can I ever breathe without You? … More


Oh, lovers of Truth! a lover is created wise and dumb Wise, in order to love God Dumb, in order … More


Oh, my Beloved! if I have to remain in the waves of darkness in order to see You, then drown … More


Oh, my soul! a man without heart is a man without love a man without love is a man without … More


Oh, my Beloved! when You make me sufferYou are cleansing me when You give me painYou are showering me light … More


Mothers Irreplaceable, compassionate Cooking, cleaning, praying She is the perfect Connection © Copyright 2008 JoyWadi


Oh, my soul! a sincere friend is he who is always provoked by the powerful voice of his pure heart … More


Oh, my soul! the turning wheel of your destiny may sometimes please you; other times annoy you there are days … More


Oh, my soul! once you have forgotten the Beloved you will never live in bliss! © Copyright 2002 JoyWadi


Oh my Master! How can I leave my prison cell if I find joy being Your captive? © Copyright 2008 JoyWadi


Oh, advocates of Truth! can’t you see the wisdom behind? the faucet rotates to release water and washes off the … More


Oh, my Love, the Great Rhythm of my Heart If I have to sway in the garden of hope to … More


Oh, my soul! die in love if  you want to be free or you can wander  and fly like a … More


Oh, my soul! how can you not be grateful for watching the sun rises again? how can you not be … More


Yearnings Mental illness, spiritual ailment Disturbing, tormenting, grieving How could lovers welcome Such misfortune © Copyright 2008 JoyWadi


Oh, advocates of Love! once you have entered the threshold of Love you will never be lost! © Copyright 2001 … More


Veils here, veils there Veils everywhere Veils! When will you lift the veils? You lift the veils Lift the veils … More


Oh, seekers of Truth! inside the prison cell where  every spirit wanted to escape there is another scripture in  the … More


Oh, seekers of the Path! as a child, don’t feel puzzled as a sister, don’t feel obliged as a woman, … More


Oh, my soul! isn’t it shameful to ignore the Beloved’s Attributes that shines perfectly through the pain and loneliness you … More


Oh, my soul! why do you cloud your heart’s eye if you want to perfect your vision and better your … More


The Beloved says: to My friends: every step you make, I will watch you every road you take, I will … More


O commanding ego of mine! get lost, don’t be my servant leave me alone; I hate duality stop! stop arousing … More


Oh, my Beloved! I acknowledge Your mercy more than Your wrath I think of Your forgiveness more than Your punishment © Copyright … More


Oh, Dearest One! every part of my body  shudders because of loneliness my heart laments  because of separation from Thee … More


Oh advocates of Love! How can we delight in stillness if our egoistic lifestyles are surrounded by competitiveness? © Copyright … More


Oh, my Love! my lips can’t take the risk of keeping in silence Your promise is great not a pretense … More


Oh, my Beloved! I possessed everything yet emptiness surrounds me I am in a bright world yet I desire for … More


Oh, my soul! the best way to remember  the Friend is to forget the self the best way to forget  … More


Oh, my soul! Wading into the waters of Interfaith Dialogue is one of the great means for one’s spiritual evolution … More


Oh, the Loving One! if You love me, it is not because  I deserve it it is because  You are … More

Mom & Monk

The Mom and the Monk! The mom nurtures. She exists for humanityThe monk inspires. She is the energy of humanity … More


Oh, my soul! How long will you continue to strive for what you call “Excellence”? Wake up from Slumber dear … More


Oh my soul! be heedful, for the worst separation of all is being away  from your original home disconnected from … More


Oh, the Single One ! The only fear that I fear is seeing double! © Copyright 2001 JoyWadi


Oh, my soul! in the shadow of mennothing is veiled but wisdom in the shadow of wrathnothing is veiled but … More


Oh, my soul! in spite of the lonelinessthat is striking choose to be thankful in spite of the crueltythat is annoyingchoose … More


Oh, my dark soul! to analogize your spiritual life with a cellular phone may somehow give you an insightful viewpoint … More


Oh my soul!  the profession of faith is not about the headscarf!  the real lover should not busy herself in … More


Oh my soul!  a good lover says:  love others just as you love the Beloved  a faithful lover says:  do … More


Oh, my soul! how paradoxical to accept the Beloved’s Power but disregard His Love and Wisdom which manifest in intense … More


Oh, my soul! there is no compulsion neither in religion nor in love one is free to bask in the … More


Oh, my soul! when you feel repentant look not at your mistakes look at His forgiveness when you feel maltreated … More


Oh, the Loving One! I may be unworthy of Your bounties but when You breathed unto me Thy spirit I … More


Oh, seekers of Truth! Human beings vary in disposition Hence, their hearts differ from one another Likened to the level … More


Oh, my soul! breathe not without the essence; every breath with awareness of Him will uncage you from the prison … More

Man Enough

Oh, my soul! If you can have… …a prayer that offers thanks…a mood that showers joy …a praise that poisons … More


Oh, my soul! no one dies of aloneness  but of separation  no one dies of darkness  but of radiance  no … More


Oh, my Beloved! shower me wealthI will long for Your attention shower me friendsI will long for Your intimacy shower me fameI … More


Oh, seekers of Love! If you want to befriend Me, explore If you want to love Me, surrender If you want to … More


juxtapose by virtuous intentionstwo mortals swiftly entwine by Lovelovers curtail no ifs or ands or buts unbelievable and enthralling affairtwo … More


Oh, dark soul! I have placed a sparkling Crown on your head yet you still want to beg around I … More


Oh, lovers of Love! reflect and learn wisdom from these little teachers living the life of a nomad and loving … More


Oh, lovers of Love! if the road seems rough, surrender God’s Path is veiled by difficulties sometimes a smooth road … More


Oh, the Light of my life! when I offer gratitude You increase my bounties when I forgive others You teach … More


Oh, my soul! in order to see you must be blind in order to hear you must be deaf in … More

Only You

Oh, the All-Existing! Wherever I turn I see the Beauty of Your face How can I remain blind if everything … More