Woman: An Epitome of Love

“Clicked!” I was inspired to take a picture of a lovely white orchids sitting tight as a centrepiece. My attention was … More

Sacredness Of Rhythm

Was there a way to back-pedal when reality began to cuddle me? Last week, I spread my wings and soared … More

Melodious Fragrance

You may find this awkward, funny, weird, or whatever, up to you. Now allow me to share what I heard … More

Chaotic Silence

“I can’t change the direction of the wind but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” –Jimmy Dean … More

The Last Day

One glorious day, indeed, made me a better creature than I was before, for my father’s final exit from this world … More

Just A Fleeting Shadow

Whoosh! Like a vehicle after filling gas at the gasoline station, we left hurriedly after consuming our meals. Yesterday was … More

“Donut” Eat the Dates!

Fortuitous encounters were indeed great morsels of insights that spiritually fed our thoughts with refreshment on a month of abstinence. … More

Close at Hand

Reading, educating oneself, and putting into practice what is upon the Sacred Scripture of the Beloved is the best gift … More

Reach for the Stars!

“Why are you afraid of death?” A Buddhist lecturer raised this question as he began to speak about the reflections … More

The Heart’s Eye

A visually impaired man who sees more than a man with an excellent sight is not blind. But a man who … More

Stairway to Light

I just arrived home in the afternoon of Feb. 20, 2016 from Blue Mosque when a fellow sister informed me … More

Mothers Away from Home

The end of my longing to visit female inmates happened when I fortunately tagged along with a fellow sister on … More

Lovers’ Sanctuary

Until now I am still overwhelmed by my wonderful experience: A visit to the sanctuary of love in Blue Mosque, … More

Lift the Veil!

  “Why do you cover your hair/head?” “Are you under going therapy?” “Are you a Muslim?” Others who are unaware of … More

About the Blogger

Oh, Lovers! Peace be unto you. Welcome! Joy T. Wadi (JTW) is no one important. Without the Moulder, she is … More