Wooden Heart

into oblivion the ephemeral world confines our bodies it is a robber of reality an atrocious pit of grief powerless … More


My children represent the four elements of my life: earth, water, air and fire. As I journeyed every stage of … More

Mirror, Mirror

Oh, lovers! Keep polishing the mirror Lovers keep polishing the mirror Keep polishing the mirror Polishing the mirror The mirror … More


When we wake up in the morning as the brilliant shaft of sunlight caresses our faces; when we travel thousands … More


  Oh my soul!Divine inspirationcomes to you in different formsAnything that could fan the flame of lovein your heart,even a … More


  While the heart needs to be cautioned to become faithful, it needs to be punished too, to become more … More

Keep Going

We are often veiled by darkness and experience sudden jolts and jerks on our journeys How can we not utter … More

What a Good Shepherd!

The cold and foggy weather of December will say sayonara soon. Some of us who tried to give the impression … More

Top Story: Sisyphean

On July 16, 2017, I tagged along with my hubby to his live interview at the ANC Top Story (Abs-Cbn) … More

The Silent Builders

The Beloved commanded us to have a great veneration not only for Him but also for our parents especially for … More

The Last Day

One glorious day, indeed, made me a better creature than I was before, for my father’s final exit from this world … More