The Words of Thanks

“Thank you,” is perhaps the sweetest phrase that would probably melt a giver’s heart in joy, albeit, when we give … More

Dear God

Dear God, I thank You for all the blessings You have showered upon me I know You have blessed me from … More


Beloved Single, perfect Love, Lover, Beloved The One and Only Happiness © Copyright 2000 JoyWadi


Oh my soul! be heedful, for the worst separation of all is being away  from your original home disconnected from … More

Reach for the Star!

“Why are you afraid of death?” A Buddhist lecturer raised this question as he began to speak about the reflections … More

Never Again

never again will you be… the brutish torturer that   could shatter my dreams  the unjust leader that   could imprison my … More


Oh, my soul! When you wake up in the morning as the brilliant shaft of sunlight caresses your face; when … More