Wooden Heart

into oblivion the ephemeral world confines our bodies it is a robber of reality an atrocious pit of grief powerless … More


My children represent the four elements of my life: earth, water, air and fire. As I journeyed every stage of … More


Fasting is neither a renunciation of refreshment nor a test of endurance. It is the eschewal of one’s fiendish torturer, … More


When we wake up in the morning as the brilliant shaft of sunlight caresses our faces; when we travel thousands … More


  Oh my soul!Divine inspirationcomes to you in different formsAnything that could fan the flame of lovein your heart,even a … More

Endless Fragrance

To nurture the heart with sanctity and consciousness is a priceless quest. It demands passion, sincerity, time, strength, and enthusiasm … More

New Year, New Self

Today we expressed our admiration on the journey of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) from Medina to Mecca which marked … More

Close at Hand

Reading, educating oneself, and putting into practice what is upon the Sacred Scripture of the Beloved is the best gift … More