Two Hearts

In the name of the Infinite Light Two shadows sparkle in dark and silent Ah! Nothing exists but Oneness of … More

Or Else

If you love a thing, give it away; or else it will possess you. If you love someone, set him … More

New Beginning

Like the sun that sets, every ending is nothing but a new beginning; a new life; and a beautiful moment … More

Oh Heart!

Oh heart! Keep the Love burning! -joywadi     © Copyright JoyWadi


A passionate lover would certainly embrace deafness that he refuses to hear from none other than the sweet voice of … More

My Only Light

Oh, my only Light! If You are out of my sight I melt in sadness -joywadi © Copyright JoyWadi  


Closeness with the One is a moment of rapture Every lover’s dream is to be with the Loving In the … More