To immerse oneself in the Remembrance of the Beloved and soar into the gentle wind of His Love is to … More

Only One

We cannot enjoy the world as a manifestation of love and unity if we refuse to use spiritual ammunitions and … More


Oh my soul! To venture to the path of Love is the only profession you must focus on It requires … More

Lover’s Tree

I You They Listen Love all Hate none Understand Give a smile Contemplate Control anger Avoid a gossip Pray for … More


  Oh my soul!Divine inspirationcomes to you in different formsAnything that could fan the flame of lovein your heart,even a … More


Have we truly evolved with the right disposition and blossomed like fragrant flowers? -joywadi   © Copyright JoyWadi    


  While the heart needs to be cautioned to become faithful, it needs to be punished too, to become more … More


  As a lover feels the agony of separation from his Beloved, he catapults himself into dumbness that he could … More

Keep the Trust

Oh my soul! Never allow the smokey atmosphere to darken your eyesight and deprive you of cognizance Never allow the … More


After a long travel from the vileness of our shallow, chaotic, and blinded selves, perhaps with our renewed hearts, we … More

Endless Fragrance

To nurture the heart with sanctity and consciousness is a priceless quest. It demands passion, sincerity, time, strength, and enthusiasm … More

Gentle Breath

The Warmness of Your Presence soothes me How can I ignore the Sweetness of Your Voice that lightens me As … More

Unconditional Motherhood

After brisk walking along the cool side street of Mariapolis in Tagaytay City a couple of weeks ago, I, along … More

Sense of Gratefulness

When we wake up in the morning as the brilliant shaft of sunlight caresses our faces; when we travel thousands … More

The Rhythm of Love

Falling in love is the most bewildering, intoxicating, and ridiculous phenomenon that one may ever experience. As a matter of … More

The Heart’s Eye

A visually impaired man who sees more than a man with an excellent sight is not blind. But a man who … More

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Oh, Lovers! Peace be unto you. Welcome! Joy T. Wadi (JTW) is no one important. Without the Moulder, she is … More