Wooden Heart

into oblivion the ephemeral world confines our bodies it is a robber of reality an atrocious pit of grief powerless … More

New Beginning

Like the sun that sets, every ending is nothing but a new beginning; a new life; and a beautiful moment … More

Blinded Soul

  unless we change what is inside our hearts no god can change our conditions no master can transform our … More

Endless Fragrance

To nurture the heart with sanctity and consciousness is a priceless quest. It demands passion, sincerity, time, strength, and enthusiasm … More

Sense of Gratefulness

When we wake up in the morning as the brilliant shaft of sunlight caresses our faces; when we travel thousands … More

Nurturing the Heart

  While the heaven and the earth are so vast that it cannot even contain the Beloved, one would certainly … More

Reviving Awareness

Fasting is not all about partaking of food or quenching the thirst after long period of abstinence. Cooking a flavoursome … More

The Silent Builders

The Beloved commanded us to have a great veneration not only for Him but also for our parents especially for … More

Sacredness Of Rhythm

Was there a way to back-pedal when reality began to cuddle me? Last week, I spread my wings and soared … More